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My 1991 Eagle Talon Videos

1991 Eagle Talon AWD 0-130 mph acceleration run - November 15, 2010. 0 to 130 mph acceleration run in my 1991 Eagle Talon All Wheel Drive turbo. This was performed on a closed course. The car currently weighs 3,300 lbs with driver, runs on 93 octane w/ alcohol injection and has air conditioning and cupholders.

Drag racing - Bristol Dragway September 16th, 2010. Driving my Eagle Talon at the legendary Thunder Valley in Bristol, TN. I also managed to destroy the stock 3 bolt rear differential. Luckily, I was still able to drive it home! The car was on a conservative tune, as I was hoping to push it harder as the night progressed. That didn't happen!

In-Car 1/8 mile drag racing run: October 2007. As you can see I'm really babying it off the line to be friendly to the stock 3 bolt rear differential. Crank up the volume to hear the 4G63 wailing at 9,000rpm!

All wheel drive launch. This is how I launch at the track. It requires a fair amount of clutch slip to keep the tires from going up in smoke.

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