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1991 Talon Photos and Project Updates
Update#26:  4/2013   Goodbye Old Friend  In this update I attempt to cope with selling this great car. Click to view
Update#25:  5/2013   Twin Disc Install  In this update we rip out the old, wore out clutch and install a new ACT Twin Disc. Click to view
Update#24:  4/2013   Smoked Clutch  In this update we test out the new sticky tires. They work great but the clutch takes a real beating in the process. Click to view
Update#23:  3/2013   Drag Racing Wheels & Tires  In this update we bolt on some big traction to match our newfound power! Click to view
Update#22:  11/2012   Eagle Talon Test & Tune  In this update, we take the Eagle Talon to Knoxville Dragstrip to do some shakedown runs with the new turbo setup. Click to view
Update#21:  10/2012   Let's Get Ready to Race!  We're back working on my 1991 Eagle Talon AWD Turbo as we tackle a bunch of small projects in order to get the 1991 Talon ready to race. Click to view
Update#20:  4/2012   Turbo Upgrade! Finale  We complete the new turbo setup, take care of the remaining tasks and go for a spin. Includes a video update! Click to view
Update#19:  3/2012   Turbo Upgrade! Part 2  We bolt on the new turbo setup and fab up all of the things necessary to make it sing. Now with a video update too! Click to view
Update#18:  2/2012   Turbo Upgrade! Part 1  Let's tear apart a perfectly great running car in the name of more power, shall we? In this installment, the parts are flying to make room for lots of shiny new bits. Click to view
Update#17:  1/14/2012   East Tennessee DSM/Evo Meet and quick Photoshoot  Ride along with me to a local dyno day and what it took to get my Talon road ready. I also took a couple of pictures of the beast all cleaned up. Click to view
Update#16:  1/9/2011   New Year, New Engine Management!  In this update, I toss out all of the old ECU piggyback mess in favor of a powerful tuning and datalogging tool! Click to view
Update#15:  10/8/2010   I'm going back to Bristol. After my last trip to Bristol Dragway I needed a do-over. I finally get my chance, but not without a few suprises! Click to view
Update#14:  9/10/2010   Bristol Dragway and the busted transmission - Part Two. With healing comes renewed energy to tackle the obstacles before us. I asess the Bristol damage and call in some reinforcements to get the car back on the road again. Click to view
Update#13:  9/1/2010   Bristol Dragway and the busted transmission - Part One. Read about how the stock 220k mile transmission gave up its duties in spectactular fashion: while drag racing over 100 miles away from home. Click to view
Update#12:  10/29/2007   Drag Racing: 0-100mph
in 7.43 Seconds!
 Some pictures and an in-car video of my best run to date at the local 1/8 mile track.
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Update#11:  3/16/2007   Photo Shoot  
Some pictures of the Talon all cleaned up.
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Update#10:  2/18/2007   The old switcheroo  
The Talon gets a strong new heart and a giant, new intercooler.
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Update#9:  9/6/2006   Labor of Love  
I install some fancy new seats over Labor Day Weekend.
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Update#8:  8/3/2006   Downsized!  
The Talon gets downgraded? Read all about it...
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Update#7:  12/28/2005   Just Cruisin'  
I put some good, hard miles on the car, add some stuff and make a trip to the track for some baseline runs.
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Update#6:  10/21/2005   It's Alive!  
I finish the final touches and crank it up.
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Update#5:  10/14/2005   Chips, pipes & clutches  
A little assembly and blood colored lubrication.
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Update#4:  9/23/2005   I like to take things apart  
More destruction, not for the squeamish.
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Update#3:  9/9/2005   Light at the end of the tunnel  
Parts are rolling in, I'm wrapped up in the timing belt and I make a silly purchase.
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Update#2:  8/27/2005   Work Begins...  
I start ripping into the car with reckless abandon. I also find one hellacious oil leak.
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Update#1:  7/17/2005   The Find!  
'Twas love at first sight. Read about how I found the car and my plans for it.
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Event Photos
DSM Shootout 2005-Pics and video from the one and only Shootout hosted anually by Buschur Racing. Click to view
SEMA 2004-Pics from the greatest car show on earth. Click to view
DSM Shootout 2004-Pics and video from the one and only Shootout hosted anually by Buschur Racing. Click to view
DSM Shootout 2002-Pics and video from the one and only Shootout hosted anually by Buschur Racing. Click to view
NOPI Import Drag Race 2002-Pics and video from the NDRA event held at Bradenton Motorsports Park. It was a blast! Click to view