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Website Links
Here's a list of Websites and Vendors that I recommend.

ECMTuning - makers of ECMLink
The good guys at ECMTuning are best known for their outstanding ECMLink engine management system, which I highly recommend. From their website: "ECMLink is a next generation tuning and logging tool for the '90-'99 DSMs and '92-'95 Lancer EVO 1-3 platforms. ECMLink provides enchanced logging functionality (MUCH faster than factory) and all the tuning tools you need to run any number of different configurations from bone stock cars on a stock MAF to 11-second road course beasts on speed density to 8-second drag cars running a GM MAF."

Club DSM
Like your grandpa's wardrobe, this dang thing hasn't changed in years. Poke around, there are some discoveries to be had in there.

The most comprehensive resource for DSMs technical information. Wanna learn about DSM horsepower? Read the archives until your eyes bleed.

DSM 1/4 mile times
List of top DSM 1/4 mile times. They're all here!

Do It Yourself Water / Alcohol Injection Site
Little plug for my site that will show you how to build a high quality, reasonably priced water / alcohol injection system. A MUST for all turbo cars, period.

The man himself will build your transmission. Incredible.

Summit Racing
Summit Racing has a massive catalog of parts available. I have been dealing with them often since 1991 (20-30 orders a year at least) and they have NEVER made a mistake on any one of my orders. That is impressive!