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Out and About: East Tennessee DSM/Evo Meet - January 14th, 2012

Let me start by saying, I needed a kick in the butt. My '91 Talon had been parked in the furthest corner of my garage for almost a year! During that time it had been used as a paint drying rack, workbench, storage unit, oil spill containment device, (while using the wing as a workbench, I spilled most of a quart of oil onto it, which it oddly "absorbed") and generally anything but its intended purpose - a four wheel drive giggle machine. I present to you, exhibit A: The Talon serving as a drying rack for a bunch of my Grand National front end bits.

To add insult to injury, I let the battery die and ignored a bad radiator cap that was causing a little leak. How could I let this happen? Well, between an extremely busy work schedule, moving to a new house, building a new garage, raising a couple kids and keeping my sock drawer properly organized by type/color/length/brand, I just didn't have time for it. Oh what fun it is to get old, the younger me would be pissed at such a lame set of excuses. So what was that kick in the butt I mentioned earlier?

Sometime around November/December 2011, a few local DSM buddies of mine used the power of the webernet to get some interest going around a DSM and Evo meet. These evil geniuses then setup a Facebook events page and started spreading the word. Once I heard about it, I knew that I could no longer ignore that sad lump of Japanese parts assembled in Normal, Illinois- I had to get it cleaned up and running again.

The first order of business was to pull it out of the deep recesses of my old garage and get it over to my new garage. I gave the battery a quick jump, filled it up with coolant, put some fresh gas in and fired it up. It was great to hear that sound again! As I got underway, the old beast just dusted off its shoulders, cleared its throat and delivered the goods. A little while later, I pulled up to the garage for a much needed bath.

After a thorough wash, wax and vacuum, I pulled it in the garage and hooked the tired battery up to my charger for a couple days. Luckily the battery wasn't as weak as I thought.

After I got the battery charged up, I spent some time on the other little issues, like checking all of the fluids, belts and hoses to avoid any suprises. Everything looked good except for one thing, the parts store radiator cap that was leaking just enough to bug me. I grabbed some new stuff from Mother Mitsu and fixed it up right.

That's more like it! The Talon was back in business and in its new home with the rest of the bunch.

The day of the meet finally came and I set out first thing. I was responsible for bringing the drinks...enjoy and don't drink the one labled "spleen juice!" :-)

I got there a little early, but it didn't take long for folks to start pouring in. The meet was held at Fastech Motorsports. I hadn't been there before and was very impressed by their shop and the work that they do!

Here's the engine bay of the RSX in the picture above. I love that turbo placement! Nasty!

As per ususal, I was too busy yapping to take many pictures, but here are some of the great cars that rolled in.

Even though the temperature was hovering below 40 degrees, this made me feel warm and happy all over.

Once the first car was strapped onto Fastech's all wheel drive dyno and fired up, everyone instinctively began gravitating to the DSM torture chamber. The hotdogs were in the dyno room too, which were equally attractive. I tossed a couple dogs down my pants for extra warmth. Hold the mustard.

I'm not sure what kind of numbers this car put down, but it sure sounded good!

Unfortunately, I had to leave right after this. I was bummed about that, but extremely appreciative for the folks who organized and hosted this event. Despite it being too cold to actually form sentences, everyone had a great time. I was pleased to hear after the meet that there will be another in the spring! That's exactly what I need, about one "kick in the butt" per season. Thanks again, you evil geniuses!

On the way home, the sky was looking mighty dark, so I pulled over and snapped a couple pictures of the old Talon all cleaned up.

Thanks for reading!