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September 9, 2005: Light at the end of the tunnel

Parts are now starting to roll in!

Never trust anyone with a big turbo and a sidemount intercooler. At the shootout I picked up this used intercooler for a great price. It will make quick work of the hot air that the 20g belts out. I've got this same spearco core on my 4G63 mirage and it has served me well for years. After repeated runs it stays nice and cool. This isn't the biggest one money can buy, but it can support plenty of power, and will allow me to retain my precious air conditioning.

Stock sidemount versus old-school Buschur FMIC.

This Buschur Racing intercooler actually has some history behind it. It was on Marc Hallman's Talon. Here is the intercooler going for a wild ride on Marc's car back in the day.

Ever just go nuts? Like completely off the wall bananna-nuts? Well the picture to the left is me losing my mind. Ok, so maybe I am being a little tough on myself. The problem is, I am a sucker for a good deal. I posted on the Team NABR forums that I was looking for a used 1G DSM exhaust. I got a quick reply from a member who had a Buschur Racing turbo back setup for a great price. How could I possible pass that up?

So why is that nuts?   IT'S 3.5" FREAKING INCHES AROUND! Complete overkill, I am aware of this. Plus I will most likely replace the rear straight pipe with a magnaflow muffler or the like. Something tells me the 12" resonator (not pictured) will be just a tad noisy by itself.

3.5" exhaust. Akin to city sewer pipe. Looks funny next to the stock exhaust! I must give Buschur Racing credit. This system fits perfect.

Ahh, the Mitsubishi timing belt...menacing, no? I remember when I changed my first timing and balance belt. I was so scared that I'd screw something up. I probably checked and re-checked everything 20 times. I've come along way in 4 years. Now I only need to check and re-check 19 times.

Here is some of my best handywork. Regarding this mod, depending on who you talk to, it is either 'cheap' or 'innovative.' For about $4.00 you can pick up a polyethelene cutting board, cut out a piece to fit the opening on the mount, insert the piece and voila! Instant solid motor mount! I've been using this method for years with great success.

On that note, until next time, more parts will be rolling in for me to slap on. Now I just need to actually find some free time...