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September 23, 2005: I like to take things apart.

Almost every 1G DSM I've seen has had the 'curse of the saggy headliner' and this one was no exception. Once I got all of the plastic trim out of the way, I carefully removed the foam frame and what was left of the headliner from the car.

I needed some real headliner material, so I went to JoAnn fabric. I'll admit, I don't go to fabric stores too often. In fact, I hadn't visited one since the last time I replaced a headliner in my old GS-T. Well, it was nutso. There was a sale of some sort happenening, which created a thick tension in the air. I've never seen grown women act this way. Hell, not since the "Cabbage Patch Kid Incident" of the 80s.

Luckily I made it out, and will be finishing this in the coming days.

After a bad day at work, I came home and took the front end off the car. Ahhh, now I feel better. This allows me to make room for that front mount intercooler I picked up.

Here's what things look like under the hood right now. The transmission will be dropped in a day or two.

Happiness is a shiny new transfer case. Phil, the previous owner, had the transfer case recall done just months before. I plan to throw some Redline shockproof in there for a nice long life.

Yes, I use ice cube trays to keep track of my bolts.

Bin-o-crap! Here is the bin where all of the stock odds and ends go that won't be back on the car anytime soon. In here you'll find stock intercooler hoses, all the cruise control stuff, stock throttle body elbow, and the list grows each day.

Thanks for reading! There's much more to come soon.