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August 27, 2005: Work begins!

Since the last update, I put the car up on jackstands and started tearing into things under the hood to prepare for the upcoming maintenance and performance upgrades. Everything is very clean on the top of the motor, but when the ailing turbo and exhaust manifold was removed, signs of an old oil leak from the valve cover gasket were apparent.

Currently, parts are on order for a complete timing belt job, water pump, oil pan & valve cover gasket, and clutch job. So while I wait on parts, I am going to be doing lots of cleaning and detail work.

Holy dang! When I pulled the splash guards and wheel off, the whole timing belt side of the motor was covered in a thick layer of sludge. Anyone who has worked on an older DSM has probably seen a something like this. I continued dissasembly of the timing belt, working through and around the goop.

Blech! The oil slick continued inside the timing cover. When oil leaks into the timing belt area, the oily mess gets slung all over. With a heavy heart, I pulled on my latex gloves and went to work.

Latex gloves? I've been called the "Anal Retentive Car Guy" at times. Is it because I am a little over obsessed with torque specs? Maybe it is my copious use of anti seize? Either way, after I discovered these gloves and how nice it was to take on some of the filthiest jobs and walk away with clean hands, I can't work without 'em.

I went hog wild with the brake cleaner and brushes. Now were getting somewhere! The new timing components can now be bolted in.

I consider myself an opportunist. While the valve cover was off for the new gasket I took the opportunity to slide in a set of used HKS 264/272 cams. Hey, you'd do the same, right?

Also while the valve cover was off I stripped the paint off and gave it a shot of red. This has kinda been my trademark on the 4G63 powered cars I've built.

The stock wheels were showing their age. I found a set of 1995 Eclipse GS-T wheels that will update the look.

Until next time, the UPS guy will be making lots of visits and I'll be spending lots of time in the old garage. Thanks for reading!