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July 17, 2005: The Find!

Last Thursday, July 14th 2005, I got the sudden urge to browse a regional DSM message board that I hadn't visited in years. What took me there? Where did this urge come from? What is that strange smell coming from the kitchen? The answer to all three, I have no freaking clue. All that I know is that ever since I sold my 1991 Eclipse GS-T, I have missed owning a DSM.

Almost instinctively, I headed right to the "for sale" section and clicked on a posting for a 1991 Eagle Talon AWD 5 speed. The seller sounded like an educated person who knew his car like the back of his hand. He did, and for good reason, he had owned it since 1992! Amazing! After looking at the pictures, I was blown away how clean the car was in and out. It had all of the typical small wear and tear, but with one big difference. The car was meticulously maintained.

There were a hand full of posts from other interested parties, and I feared that the car had already been sold. So without delay I emailed the seller and to my surprise, got a call from him moments later. I was bracing myself for the bad news when I heard, "It's still here." I knew I had to act quick, so I told Phil that I'd take it!

Now I had a whole new problem...How the heck do I get to Atlanta to pick it up? The only fast, cheap option was the big beauty to the left, yep a Greyhound bus. I bought a ticket for 29 bucks and headed to the bus station to catch my 1:15 to Atlanta. If you haven't taken a ride on a Greyhound, let me not recommend this mode of transportation unless absolutely necessary. On a positive note, I made lots of new friends, including the lady who told me that she had stabbed her husband and needed to "get away and clear her mind." The dude that kept preaching to me was pretty cool too. He's right, I am a bad person!

Ahhh, Atlanta. One advantage of the bus, was that I didn't have to drive in the nightmare that is the Atlanta commute. One disadvantage of the bus was the driver who kept yelling at all of us. Anywho, we got to use the carpool lane, which worked quite well.

When I arrived at the bus station in downtown Atlanta, Phil was nice enough to pick me up. In fact, he was nice enough to arrive early, which meant that I didn't have to surrender my wallet and other belongings to a group of large, poor smelling angry men. After a few blocks, Phil jumped out and I got behind the wheel. It had been too long. There's nothing like being back behind the wheel of a DSM again.

After a short drive, we parked and talked about the car. Phil was nice enough to include tons of service/parts receipts, some spare parts and a clean copy of the DSM service manual. He even introduced me to his wife and kids, then invited me to grab a bite with the gang at the CNN center food court. Not only did I get a great car, I made a friend. Which given my unique personality, is no easy task.

Here it is! What a beauty, no? This picture reminds me of the first Talon that I saw in my neighborhood back in 1990.

Here's another angle. The paint on this car is in excellent condition.

From the back..

Given the age and mileage, the interior is in great condition. The stock CD/Cassette stereo works perfect and the air blows nice and cold. The driver's seat leather has some big cracks and the headliner is sagging, so I'll be fixing these in future installments.

The dash on these cars is pretty unique.

Here it is, towering over all...the massive stock shifter. It has been compared to a certain female pleasuring device that rhymes with Hildo and quite frankly, that makes shifting awkward, unless you're into that sorta thing.

Here is my favorite part! This car is 100% stock. This is what it looked like when you popped the hood back in 1991. The previous owner went to great lengths to keep it this clean. I intend to keep it as close to stock (looking) as possible.

It's the little things that make life great. Like how every single bracket still exists on this car. So many of these cars have been used and abused beyond recognition and are missing all sorts of little do-hickeys.

Phil was nice enough to provide me with volumes 1 and 2 of the DSM Bible. No more dang PDFs! My laptop has taken a beating from being out in the garage with me over the years.

I threw on some fresh NGK wires and NGK plugs, while I was in there doing a compression test. I'll be doing a timing belt and some other maintenance stuff in the coming weeks.

The boost response was a little weak, and as expected, the stock 14b turbo was toast. Oh, Darn. Life is so unfair, whatever shall I do?

Hey, whatd'ya know? I've got this Buschur Racing 20g and Tial wastegate setup just kinda laying here. Life is good.

Happiness is opening up the glovebox and seeing the original owners manual in there.

The illustrations in owners manuals are pretty dang funny. Here's one I like. I'm glad the rear diff really isn't a little person as described in the photo, cause I'm about to punish that little bastard with a couple hundred extra horsepower.

Here's another one from the manual that I enjoyed. The caption below should read "Don't be a redneck." Heck, I wouldn't have even thought of pulling a camper behind my sports car, but I'm not much of an outdoorsman.

Well, that's it for this installment! My plan for this car is to keep the mods clean and simple. I'll be driving the car 60 miles a day through all sorts of weather, so nothing will be done to compromise the reliability. More to come!